Switzerland today is one of the most prosperous country in Europe, with outstanding universities, high wages, a well-developed industry – and not only in the manufacture of watches- and a very friendly population. But the main things that a tourist will see are the landscapes that delight the heart, excellent service, beautiful lakes, comfortable rest, and beautiful cities whose inhabitants speak several languages.

Switzerland is a surprisingly convenient place not only for a ski holiday, but also for a summer eco-tourism, hiking and any other forms of summer outdoor recreation.

You can book with us:

— Accommodation in cities, by the lakes or in the mountains — rooms in hotels of the selected category as well as villas, chalets and any other forms of accommodation.

— Excursions — both standard and author — created, and even those that we invent and organize specifically for you, personalized and according to your wishes;

— Specialized adventure -tourism routes

— Tickets to performances, museums, ferries, boats, trains, sports and other events (including festivals and shows inaccessible to the public); — Tickets of the Swiss travel system — for any public transport, including ships and panoramic trains;

— Services of a guide, translator, instructor in the mountains, as well as for the summer and extreme sports;

— Individual transport — any land, air or water transport, as well as that for traveling, rest and pleasure;

— Organizing and conducting business meetings, conferences and consultations;

— Organization and management of wedding ceremonies, holidays, concerts, quests, games, competitions;

— Delivery of bouquets, gifts, and whatever must be necessary for you or your relatives or friends;

— Consultation with a doctor or a lawyer;

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