The Principality of Monaco is a special country. Here is where one will find the most famous European Casino, it is where the most famous Formula 1 is held, the Prince’s Palace is located, with the Prince really being in charge of his state and where there are practically no taxes for the citizens of Monaco. Monaco is famous for its oceanarium, oceanographic museum, beautiful old town and high-class hotels and restaurants, not to mention boutiques, expensive cars and yachts.

On a small piece of land in Monaco, the quintessence of the fashionable Europe fits in, in love with luxury, design, entertainment and multi-faceted life.

You can book with us:

— Accommodation in hotels

— “Passport” of Monaco, providing, when booking a stay with us, a free transfer by helicopter, free tickets to museums and other benefits

— Excursions — both standard and author — created, and even those that we invent and organize specifically for you, personalized and according to your wishes;

— Tickets to performances, museums, trains, sports and other events (including publicly inaccessible festivals and shows)

— Guide, translator services

— Individual transport — any land, air or water transport, as well as that for traveling, rest and pleasure;

— organizing and conducting business meetings, conferences and consultations;

— Organization and management of wedding ceremonies, holidays, concerts, masquerades, quests, games, competitions;

— Delivery of bouquets, gifts, and whatever must be necessary for you or your relatives or friends;

— Consultation with a doctor or a lawyer;

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