Italy is a unique country where the spirit of centuries-old history and innovations of modern art and fashion are combined. Here, for every corner, there is an enthusiastic traveler. This country has absolutely everything to it: the seas, mountains, lakes, islands, valleys of vineyards and olive groves, volcanoes, city-museums, where everything smells of history and small towns, with so many works of art concentrated in them that no other country in the world can boast about.

The gastronomy, design, music, Italian flavor — you can see and appreciate all this, thanks to the correctly chosen route, hotel, guide, successfully picked restaurant…

You can book with us:

— Accommodation in cities, by the sea or in the mountains — rooms in hotels of the selected category as well as villas, castles, chalets and any other forms of accommodation.

— Excursions — both standard and author — created, and even those that we invent and organize specifically for you, personalized and according to your wishes;

— Specialized gastronomic and wine tours;

— Tickets to performances, museums, ferries and trains;

— Services of a guide, translator, instructor in the mountains, as well as for the summer and extreme sports;

— Individual transport — any land, air or water transport, as well as that for traveling, rest and pleasure;

— Organizing and conducting business meetings, conferences and consultations;

— Organization and management of wedding ceremonies, holidays, concerts, masquerades, quests, games, competitions;

— Delivery of bouquets, gifts, and whatever must be necessary for you or your relatives or friends;

— Consultation with a doctor or a lawyer;

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